Made in the Holy Land of Madina, these Black and White Salah Mats are Decorative Tapestries accented with Intricate Detail resembling the Black Stone & Trimmed with White Tassel Fringe.


These beautiful Salah Mats are made in the Holy Land of Madina and Manufactured by the same people who make the carpets of Haram. They truly capture the beauty of Islam through our Salah Mats.

Black Stone

Perfect resemblance of the Black Stone on the Holy Kaaba. Black carpet material with fine off-white woven tassels. They are perfectly sized and come well packaged to suit any occasion.

  • They come securely packaged within our strong Salah Mat themed postal bags
  • 4mm thickness
  • Made in Madina
  • Size = 70 x 120 cm
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 5 cm


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